Tabletting technology for the pharmaceutical industry

London | Monday, 28 March 2022 - Wednesday, 30 March 2022

Course Overview

Tabletting Technology for the Pharmaceutical Industry is an introduction to tabletting and associated processes. This world-leading course offers a unique opportunity for you to discuss real day-to-day challenges with industry experts.

Join us on this well-established and intensive 3-day course for an in-depth look at the formulation, production and drug-release characteristics of pharmaceutical tablets.

What do previous attendees say? 

"Engaging presentations and relevant content, mixed with excellent hands-on experience that I found to be of fantastic value." 

"The demonstration was extremely useful in cementing the theory we learnt, and illustrating the major differences that relatively small adjustments in the formulation can make."

"I wanted to obtain greater understanding in tablet formulation and technologies of production and testing. The course has been invaluable in improving my understanding of the area."

You can also read a blog here by Kaium Shah, Formulation and Development Scientist, Almac Group as he shares what he gained by attending the Course.