Political Appropriations

Elke Krasny, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
Lara Perry, University of Brighton

Appropriation in art-making is the re-use and recontextualisation of already existing images and objects, especially already existing artworks by other artists. Discussions of cultural appropriation have foregrounded, for example, the epistemic violence of colonial and neo-colonial appropriation in the aesthetics of primitivism. This panel shifts the focus to the ideological dimension of appropriation as it has re-emerged in the politics of the ‘post-truth’ era, when rhetorical devices have displaced the value of the utterance in political speech. Art and other forms of image have played a central role in the communication of political values in the current transformations of European and global politics. In particular, the political logic of populism turns to the appropriation of the body, gender, sexuality and race in imagery and art. The papers trace how the paths of political agency transform the significance of visual, material and digital culture and the very bodies which artworks inscribe.


Living with Uncle Sam in the Islamic Republic of Iran: Anti-American iconography and the pictorial jihad
Katy Shahandeh (SOAS, University of London)

Borrowed Images in 16th-Century Peasant Pamphlets and their Political Message
Jonathan Trayner (S
outhampton Solent University)

‘Poor Images’ and Memes as Icons of the Post-digital Present
Helena Schmidt (Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna)

‘Blood Coming Out of Her Whatever’: Sarah Levy’s menstrual portrait of Trump
Camilla Mørk Røstvik (University of St Andrews)

Colectivo Sociedad Civil: Performing civil disobedience in Peru
Hansel Sato (Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna)

Appropriating the Body: Coalition-making as a feminist strategy in contemporary art – for and against neoliberal politics?
Hana Janečková (Charles University Prague)




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